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In august we are busy with t-budding the whole month. The most of the trees we will bud are pear fruit trees. T-buds tied mostly up with Buddytape. This plastic tape wears out by the sun and disputes the t-budding gall mosquitoes for 100 %.


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  • 1. The rootstock must been cutted.
  • 2. Then the T-cut must been opened.
  • 3. After that, the bud must been cutted.
  • 4. The bud is placed in the T-cut.
  • 5. The placed bud in the T-cut. The beginning of a new tree.
  • 6. Anotherone ties the T-bud up with care.
  • 7. Chipbudding is another way to expand.
  • 8. Sometimes we use Fleischhauers to tie up.